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Video Guide

Video Guide

Complete Video Guide to FAQs

MWCEA has created a complete video guide that walks viewers through the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation process. Click the video on the left to view the entire guide (approx. 20 minutes), or scroll down to view individual segments related to specific frequently asked questions. 

FAQ #1

Disclaimer and Introduction

FAQ #2

How to report your work related injury to your employer

FAQ #3

What is workers’ compensation?

FAQ #4

Do all employers provide workers’ compensation benefits?

FAQ #5

 Is workers’ compensation my only remedy against my employer?

FAQ #6

Are workers’ compensation benefits unlimited?

FAQ #7

Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to file claim?

FAQ #8

When does an employee report a claim?

FAQ #9

Do employers have to report claims?

FAQ #10

How does an employee file a claim?

FAQ #11

How long does an employee have to file claim?

FAQ #12

Who decides the workers’ compensation claim?

FAQ #13

Can I appeal the administrative judge’s order?

FAQ #14

Can I choose my own doctor?

FAQ #15

What are my benefits?

FAQ #16

Are benefits from the date of injury?

FAQ #17

What type of medical benefits can I anticipate receiving?

FAQ #18

Are there any other limits to medical benefits?

FAQ #19

How long do I have to be off work before I receive benefits?

FAQ #20

How much will I receive in benefits?

FAQ #21

Are workers’ compensation disability benefits paid for “pain and suffering”?

FAQ #22

Does the employer have to keep paying my health insurance other premiums while I’m off work?

FAQ #23

Can my employer make me use my vacation or sick leave time while I’m off work due to a work injury?

FAQ #24

How much can an attorney charge in fees and are attorney fees taken out of my benefits checks?

FAQ #25

Can my employer fire me while I’m out of work due to a work injury?

2012 Changes in the Law

2012 Changes in the Law

"Changes in the Law"

This video from the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission (MWCC) outlines the 2012 changes to the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act, with the goal of assisting the general public in its understanding of these changes in the law.

PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads

All documents listed are in PDF format. Please be patient: due to the size of some documents, downloading time could take longer than expected.

2018 Claims Guide

The 2019 Mississippi Workers' Compensation Claims Guide was designed to provide those responsible for claims decisions with information that will facilitate appropriate claims handling.

H.R. 635: Pending Federal Legislation

H.R. 635 was introduced in the House of Representatives in 2009, and its stated purpose is to establish the National Commission on State Workers’ Compensation Laws.

Un Folleto Para Empleados

La Ley de Indemización de Trabajadores de Mississippi.

Claimant Brochure

The Claimant Brochure was designed to provide Mississippi workers with accurate, up-to-date, and thorough answers to the most common questions regarding Mississippi Workers' Compensation Law.

Reference Guide to Laws & Procedures

This overview is designed to help workers’ compensation insurance adjusters become acclimated to “how things work” in Mississippi claims handling.

Notice of Senate Bill 2576

This notice provides a summary of the changes made to the Workers’ Compensation Law by Senate Bill 2576, effective July 1, 2012.

Helpful Links

Helpful Links