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What is the MWCEA?

The Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association (MWCEA) is an organization whose stated purpose is to promote, encourage and foster the advancement of education in the field of Mississippi workers’ compensation law and benefits, along with the rules and regulations, etc., through the dissemination of knowledge by publications, seminars, lectures and other means.

The organization also promotes interaction between companies in the workers’ compensation community to exchange and foster new ideas to better serve the employers and claimants in our state.

2018 MWCEA Conference Sponsors

2018 MWCEA Conference Sponsors

We wish to offer our sincere thanks to the following organizations, which generously sponsored the 31st Annual MWCEA Conference in 2018. If you wish to learn more about how your organization can support the mission of the MWCEA through sponsorship—particularly for the 32nd Annual MWCEA Conference in April, 2019—visit our sponsorship information page.  

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